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    I’m now doing the first monitor work on the iLive t112.
    And I’m wondering if there is a quick way to update your mixes.

    I´m using 6 IEM Stereo mixes
    1 Drum shaker mono send
    8 wedge mixes
    6 FX
    On 44 channels

    Let´s say that I to keep the lead vocal channel setting in the lead vocal mix only,
    for 20 songs. But this decision is made 1/3 into the set.
    I find it very difficult to update this setting into 20 songs, without spending 30 mins
    on updating every song one-by-one. Edit-remove-add-update-next song-Edit-remove-add-update.
    And what happens if you have a stand in guy on a show and he (or you by mistake), clicks Store All on a song in the middle of the show. And you have edited all your graphs out of all 20 songs, so you can have your mon eq recall safe.
    And this isn’t noticed, this means that you have a safed graph eq some where in your song list.

    My main 3 questions,
    Is there a fast way of editing changes in a mix on more than 1 song,
    without go thru the Edit-remove/add-update.
    Is there a safer way of recall safe your processing like, Channel processing,
    Mon Graph,Parametric, Internal FX’s.
    Can you bypass the Store All function.

    A very good desk that could be better with a easier update structure.




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    This sounds like a “Global Paste” function as it is called on the PM5D… Correct?

    As far as i know there is no way of doing this on the iLive at present.

    Would putting a Recall Safe on the desired input/output do the job?


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    i have a frank zappa tribute where we run 10 stereo in ears.
    first i went the same way like you do ( each song has a scene)
    during the setting up i found out this way is not flexible enough
    (having a scene for each song we have up to 40 songs in that band)
    as i am the singer i figured some facts

    1.we have “rocky” songs, solos, very “vocaly” songs (drummer,bassist,guitarist,lead voc), bombastic songs,jazz impros,songs without brass section

    according to these facts i made my scenes

    1. full band dry (quick/hard tunes)
    2. full band dry no brass (brass mics muted) (quick/hard tunes)
    3. full band wet (slower tunes with a little reverb)
    4. full band wet no brass (brass mics muted)(slower tunes with a little reverb)
    5. vocal tunes (vocals up,overheads out (as the drummer is singing)
    6. sax 1 solo
    7. sax 2 solo
    8. trumpet solo
    9. trombone solo
    10. guitar solo
    11. keyboard solo
    12. percussion solo (marimba/vibes)
    13. jazz impro (vocals off/gates off/ overheads alittle up)

    that does the job quiet well for us even with a local engineer (ours is doing foh)we just tell him : these are the scenes and here you have a setlist where the scenes we want are pointed out.
    so he gets a laptop with the scenes window always open and does nothing but recalls.

    and not to forget: the guitar ha a own dedicated reverb (room) as we ve found out during the setup session : if you run the guitar “dry” it is either not there or “covering everything” adding the room verb
    gives the guitar a “position” on the in ears.
    the vocals share a “roomverb”
    and the horns a “plate”

    not to forget part 2: the no brass scenes turn off completely the in ears of the horn section (give those ears a break)

    just another approach i d say but it works great for us


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    I miss the global paste and easy select function on the iLive.
    Sadly, If I recall safe the channel of choice, I block the changes in all other mixes.
    Would like to be able to choose both which channel and specified mix to recall.
    Bands and Artists are now very used to IEM with with different settings on each song.
    The Zappa setting is a good way to work.
    Still, If you want to be able to adjust mix processing you need to do it by each song.

    So what I’ve done is to take out the graph, parametric and internal FX
    out of all songs in the show.
    The problem was that when I demoed the desk after rehearsals (not mavbe the best thing to do 1 day prior to premier…;-)we went up to some un-stored songs around #100,
    and did some test songs. I lost the lead FX setting and parametric on the lead IEM.
    Which I missed to store in Library…
    So I had to spend a little time fixing that, and had a hard time sleeping that night.

    I was not feeling so happy about the upcoming premier, felt a bit nervous.
    And that I might have bought a desk that couldn’t fulfill the needs for this show.


    On premier day I made a setting that works great for me, the artist and band.
    Maybe this is something that is old news for “old digi sea dogs”.
    But it really made my day a whole lotta easier.
    You make a start scene with all the stuff you use for the show, and Store All.
    Then in your show songs below, you go to edit and remove (in my case)
    mix processing-Graphs and Parametrics on all your mixes. And remove Internal FX’s
    Then you can eq wedges, and line check and sound check.
    Set everything for your show and press Store All.
    And you are good to go.
    Just make sure you don’t press Store All in your “show”songs.

    My second vision was that I found the pre eq for the FX’s.
    Man, did that reverb ess drive me nuts, in what is some impressive
    sounding factory Reverbs.

    All in all it is a low cost desk, but when sounds so good,
    it’s hard not to compare it to some of the more expensive desks…
    Still, it’s the best sounding and most powerful under €50000.
    At least thats what i think.

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