what bits does the T-112 ship with

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    Took delivery couple of weeks back , of my brand new T112 ( or rather, I believe it had been used for a few days as a demo ) just got my hard copy of the getting started manual in the post from my supplier , wondered if it was supposed to come with a hard copy of the more in depth manual. ( yes I have downloaded both manuals to my pc , but I aint lugging that around , and have read the help manual on the surface)

    Also would have been nice to have those gooseneck LEDlamps supplied with it , or do you have to order those as an accessory.

    T-112 / IDR 48 / v 1.51

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    I think the lamps are an extra, they are on lots of consoles these days.
    Not sure about the manual I printed one off I know about saving the planet but I hate reading things off a computer screen. Just call me Ned Ludd, I like real pages to turn.[8D]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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