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    I’m really liking the SuperStrip in Vers 1.6 Much better screen sizing for the ipod touch when using VNC. Not sure if this has been intentional but excelent work A&H! The larger GEQ window is also much better when in touch screen mode. Still would like to see previous/next channel select buttons in the same window though!


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    As a stepping stone for the iPhone app, what about as a PL type device?

    Support for the two finger zoom that translates into finer resolution on the parameter you are changing should help with the ‘fat finger’ syndrome.

    I am not so concerned with catching 3 frequencies at once as I don’t think I could pick them all simultaneously that fast.

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    just for my information…does someone have running an application on the iphone/ipad, controlling the mixrack?

    greetings from hamburg

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    I would sooner A&H resources be focussed on developing the existing software rather than creating a whole new branch for a smaller device.

    The editor will run natively on a Mac or a PC and even in Linux with some coaxing. How many other mixer editors do that?

    I think the problem is not that the I-Live editor doesn’t support the IPad, the problem is the IPad doesn’t support Java. We should be lobbying Apple to support Java rather than making companies like A&H bow down to the latest trends from Apple. Vote with your feet!! I certainly won’t be wasting my money on an IPad until it provides compatibility with the applications I use, not the other way around.

    The IPad is cool, but whats the bet within 6 months there will be a PC or linux based clone that DOES suppor Java, use one of those instead until Apple sorts itself out.

    end of rant.


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    Oh, but just as a followup to that.
    I think it would be way cool if A&H released an API or the specs on the editor comms protocol so that people could develop their own interfaces.

    How much value does that add to A&H if people start doing development for them. Same with the effects, imagine if people could build and sell their own effects plugins!!! It creates a whole after market which will make the hardware platform last much longer.

    If A&H releases the comms protocol then if I wanted an I-Phone app i could write it myself to do exactly what I wanted it to do and then share it amongst all the users (or even sell it if it was that good).

    Just a thought.


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    Hmm Toby not sure about the code release bit, someone writes an application, I install it and the desk crashes, not the fault of the factory, they are not responsible for it, chances of getting some recourse from an individual pretty slim I would have thought.
    So my fault for installing it is the answer I guess, I could be left with a desk that thinks it is a toaster and a bill to get the factory to correct that if they will.

    I know that is the dark side of it, just thinking aloud.
    Mr. B

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    I would love to see an app that mainly focuses on Aux mixes for personal monitoring. An ipod touch is cheaper than an Aviom mixer, it would be wiereless control, and extra cabling to send audio from an on stage mixer to a wireless IEM or amp is not needed. This would also allow musicians to mix themselves, and the engineer can help/tweak their mixes if needed.

    As this evolves, you could add administrative controls to the engineer, so he can assign mixes to people or restrict mixes from being changed from the app.

    I could see this being an excellent value for churches or bands that have a low budget and can’t afford a monitor engineer.


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    API or control protocol documentation would be great. I would love to write my own app for this.

    BTW I don’t think an API is a full code release, its just an interface for other programs to interact with. So in this case, we are talking about control protocol, which should not allow you to execute code on the device, just provide an interface to programmatically change settings, call snapshots, etc.


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    Yeah — I’m a software developer by trade. An api would let us make an iPod touch app (or any other app) that would let you sit stage side and tweak monitor mixes or something.

    Lots of things to think about though — primarily the authentication model. It would be nice to allow plugins, though.

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    What about a single fader view with a tumbler to select the input/output/effects etc. channel you would like to work with and links to each processing section available for that particular channel (which opens a separate screen to view the particular processing eq, comp etc.). It will have to remember if the mix button has been pressed for any aux, matrix etc. so that assignments can be made by tumbling to the proper channel. The channels should automatically go to sends on faders(to save placing an encoder on the page) when an aux, matrix etc. is selected.The channel view should also have a button to turn on and off assignments. That should pretty much put the whole system aside from configuration on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


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    I would love to see 2 different apps:

    1 engineer app with some mixing and channel tweaking options
    1 stage musician app for just mixing.

    Christian Tepfer
    Hamburg, Germany

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