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    I am not getting all the channels going to our aviom personal mixers becuase they only are 16 channel. How do I configure the output of our mini-multi card to include say channel 38. Do I create a special DCA group? Aux send? Right now I configured the output for the MMC to be Mix Rack Output Channels 1-16. However our cordless mikes are C1 through to C7, so they are not in the aviom setup. I can squeeze everything we need into 16 channels, but I just need to know how.


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    Select the outputs button below the touch screen.
    select the tab for the MMO card I think it’s labeled slot b.
    touch the Aviom connector on the screen and it will open a matrix box.
    You can select from drop down menus and use input channels, mono aux, stereo aux, etc.
    Pick the type you wish to assign and then choose the number.

    for instance, pick the number one Aviom channel, then pick the type “input channel” then pick number 12. You have just assigned the direct out of ch12 to aviom output 1

    hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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