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    Is there a way to set up outputs as LRCplus as well as a sub mix? I need a mono center feed derived from LR for center fills in a very wide house, and also want to send separate sub feed. I know I can do that with an aux send, but would like to do it as a main feed.




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    I was hoping to do this as well but ended up going with a sub mix on an aux. I’m sure an A&H expert will chime in here, but if I’m interpreting the Main architecture correctly I believe the fourth Main bus is used for the blend function. I can’t remember at the moment if there is a LRMS option, but if so would this be an option for your application?

    Good luck!


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    Couldn’t you simply send everything to a particular subgroup and use that to feed the mono center fill, while using the LRSub config? Just be sure not to assign that group to your mains and remove the aux sends from it (unless you want them).

    Isn’t it possible that you can assign subgroups to other subgroups?
    Ex. Assigning Subgp 1, 2, 3, 4 to subgp 8


    Could another possibility be to assign you LR mains to a Mono Matrix output to run your center fill?

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    Faced this early this year, simple answer was there is not Because you are using the rotary control for blend to mix bit you can’t use it twice, well that was the way I understood it. So I ended up using an Aux to feed some auxiliary subs. However you could use a maono matrix which would give you good control over everything.

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