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    Our church is demoing an iLive t112 this coming sunday. I’ll have a limited amount of time to play with it beforehand. I want some things to try out, check out, and know ahead of time what to avoid.

    I have read a lot of posts on a lot of forums about the iLive and I know I don’t want to reconfigure any of the bus structure live, but I’d like any extra help you can provide. This is a very important service, and I’d hate to do something to mute, crash or freeze the system if it’s w/i my ability to control.


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    I would be cautious about using a new mixer out of the box for an important service without someone there to provide support.

    Its a different situation for a walkup at a concert because there is usally a system engineer to step in and fix any issues on the fly, but in your case you are on your own.

    If you decide to go ahead, all you have to really watch out for is making sure that you have the right mix button selected when you change a level. It still occasionally catches me out to be mixing an aux when I thought I was mixing FOH.

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    I shouldn’t have too much trouble with that. Not that I haven’t done that before. [:o)] I am not new to digital, just new to iLive and I have already found out the firmware ver. and set up the basics of my show in the editor.

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    think about using a template configuration, check the bus config/ structure is right for you and plan your io and stereo inputs and any gangs.
    you dont want to be changing the mix config or input stereos just before the important service that happens to be your first time on the mixer!
    Maybe download the editor, it may get you thinking about config and setup.
    millst is right watch what mix you are on.

    Also watch accidently assigning a fx return to its send, if you dont watch what mix you are on.

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    I would make a list of all the “items” (stage inputs, local inputs, outputs) that are priority. Pastor’s mic, worship leader, CD recorder, mains outputs, and make sure that those are configured the best you can in the offline editor. That way when you’re live with it on Sunday, you can that those are taken care off and you can work on the issues that come up that you didn’t expect (last minute soloist, new guitar player since the normal one got sick, etc).

    Make sure you have extra volunteers on hand to take care of all the other stuff so you can concentrate on the console.

    Have fun, we’ve had ours for a little over a month and love it!

    Tim Gibson
    Tech Director
    EV Free Church
    Crystal Lake, IL

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    Go for it chap iLive is major fun, use freeze in layers for your important channels if you have a lot of inputs going on, turn off the fx return in the same fx group that way you can’t route it to itself. Don’t you just love digital feedback.
    Recall safe is handy also.

    I have never had one crash during anything important [:o)] but I guess there is a first time,I have used one on some quite scary gigs but they are pretty friendly toys, they also sound nice.

    Have fun [:D]

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    I got some good news today! I’ll be able to have my hands on the console by Friday night, so I should be in good shape for sunday.

    I am anxious to get my hands on it and see what we can do!

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