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    In Scene view I would like to see the active scene highlighted in colour (eg Green or blue) separate to the curser orange colour which would remain for navigation to next scene etc.

    Could we have an auto scene advance preference/option – Would be useful in theatre shows where scenes are stepped through each night.

    How about a quick Key combination to Save all to the current scene – my suggestion is to hold down the red RESET button + press “GO”. Also to update the current scene – how about hold down the red PASTE button + press “GO” . So: RESET + GO = Store ALL Paste + Go = Update

    I would like a scene “preview” mode that allows a scene to be actively viewed and edited without actually being recalled. If this is even possible I imagine it would require a very obvious visual indication that you were in this mode! – Like PAFL and channel peak leds flashing? The Reset switch could provide a quick exit from preview mode (like the GEQ Fader Flip switch exits GEQ mode).

    In the Scene Reorder mode there is a bug (I Think). When in single select mode when you apply an edit (copy/move or remove) the scene view jumps back to and selects scene 1. It would seem to me that there is actually no need for the single select mode as you can do all edits (move copy or remove) in multi Select mode. It would therefor follow that you don’t need the multi Select mode button either – you just need Reorder mode! [:D]

    Mackie Control midi protocol support would be cool! The ilive surface could then be a controller or the mix could be controlled by studio software/hardware.

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    Now I know I am old but I remember when an engineer controlled the mixer Tee Hee[:p]

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    I wish for a 24 button PL pack for easy mix select. 1×1 cm buttons with a led to show it is selected. We all need this to make it a great monitor tool.

    And a really small!! controller. I do a lot of gigs where I have to go by plane and something ligt and small that still can do a show in combination with a tablet. At least a PL pack with motorized faders.

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    New T112 owner here. First week, in a theatrical setting. Still learning, but loving it.

    I can already tell that having hard keys for scene Store All and Update is going to be a huge need in theater uses. Otherwise I have to keep the Scene screen up at all times (I’m constantly tweaking and re-snapshotting scenes every performance).

    I would be happy with being able to add Store All and Update to the soft keys.

    I can also see a big need for soft keys that allow Recall Next and Recall Previous Scene.

    David Schmoldt

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    Or a auto increment scene option, so you only have to press go for the next scene.

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