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    Ha, got my T112 and IDR32 last week – and had the first gig today.
    At least i had the first soundcheck today.
    In the break before our support band started – the system died.
    The music stopped suddenly – nobody was touching the surface, and there was no failure on to see in the screen – nothing – just no sound anymore.
    So I made a reboot – surface and system (T112 + IDR32) – and the surface couldnt connect anymore – so i tried also to connect with my laptop directly with the IDR32 – no succes also.
    Great feelings – 10 minutes before the show started…
    so we took the mixing desk of the support band and changed the channels and made the show.

    What had happened here – and how to trust in the ilive anymore?
    I will take it to service Monday – but thats really ****.

    Not the best way to start with a brand new system.

    Using iLive T112 and IDR32

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    Woah, thats wild, we have sold and installed over 80 of them here in the states and have not had any issues yet.

    have you tried resetting the settings, in the owners manual in the back of is a method to reset all of the Network settings.

    You flip the dip switches inside the security panel and then reboot, this will reset network settings.

    Have you contaced AH UK and spoken with the guys?? I assure you this is a totally isolated incidence..

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    Yes, i tried every reset – but with no success.

    It seems like the mainboard of my IDR32 is damaged – A&H will send me a new IDR32 in a couple of days – so lets hope that this is not happen again…

    Using iLive T112 and IDR32

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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