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    I am the TD for a church out of Virgina in the USA. We are moving into a building and will purchasing completely new A/V/L systems. I’ve demoed an iLive-T112 against a M7CL and that newish Roland VMix system and I have to say, I love both the sound (the most analogue of any digital console that I have heard so far)and the interface.

    I had one question. I want to use a 112 at FOH and a 80 back in Monitor world. Is is possible to use both those consoles coupled with only one rack? I know that I will probably need to have a set a duplicated channels to do this but with the iDR-48 it shouldn’t be a problem, right? It’s got full processing and mixing for 64 channels and 32 buses so as long as I keep my inputs at 32 I should have enough processing. For outputs, we run L-R-Sub, 6 setreo IEMs and 4 wedges so that should be fine for outputs.

    It makes sense, but I could be missing something. Can it be done?

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    I have asked this question before and been told that its coming in a future release.

    At the moment you can only use a 112 out front and a laptop on stage for monitors.

    If I was you, I’d buy the 112 and rack now and then when they release the firmware to be able to do it, add the 80 in on the stage (thats my plan).

    A laptop is a surprisingly workable solution as the editor software is so good and quick to use.

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    Looks to me like you could use the digital splitter card in the rack and both consoles should be active with mike splits. Don’t know about the outputs, perhaps one of the staff guys can answer that one.
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    I’ve already tested this feature. It is possible now.
    You just have to set different IP adresses for each Surface, but the same for MixRack. Just re-patch inputs (remember that the gain, +48V and pad will be the same for both channels) and prepar good layouts for controllers (it will be more save when there will be not duplicated channels on both Surfaces).
    You can also connect a computer as a third controller (:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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