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    Mid show last night i decided to turn my 2mono ipod inputs into a stereo one.

    The band were playing so i figured if the ipod channels lagged a bit it wouldnt be a problem as my ipod wasnt actually on.

    **WARNING** whenever you change ANY input to be stereo (even if your not using it) all audio is muted!!! ouch if looks could kill!!!

    What seemed like 2minutes passed by silently and then the whole desk sprang back into life, the band restarted the song and the show went on. phew!

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    I use a different user to prevent this mistake in live-situations!
    this user has limited functions.

    the stereos or the bus-setup can only changed by the administrator-user, and i use this profile only during the soundcheck ;-)

    -sorry for my broken english-

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    ooops all right.
    The other thing you can do which doesn’t cause this is gang the two faders together and then just put one on the surface. Then anything you change on the left channel will also change on the right.


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    Ouch! [:I]
    Changing the bus architecture or creating stereo channels reconfigures the DSP and resets mix settings too. It safely mutes the audio until reconfigured. This is not intended to be done mid show. These are things you should set up before sound check and then leave for the show.

    You should always store everything to a Scene before making DSP changes, then recall that Scene to restore those settings afterwards.

    As Toby says, what you really needed to do in your case was simply to gang those two channels. That is instant, and gives you the option to leave certain parameters such as channel pan unganged.

    Use ganging for on the fly live mixing.
    Hope that helps,

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