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    can I have a “dynamicEQ”, maybe as a FX??[8D]

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    I’d love some form of signal attenuation AFTER the AD conversion. That way for quieter shows we could have decent gain levels (and thus nicer sound) without having to dance around in the sensitive areas of the faders.

    That is to say I want an attenuate option (perhaps in the eq stage) which allows me to have a healthy gain level and faders at unity across the board without it being excessively loud.


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    you are not the first on this one..
    but can you not turn your amps down or master outputs?
    or dca the masters and hide them in a layer !
    from a sound persective its the same as your attenuator at mic pre.
    im probably missing something.

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    Turning down the amps sometimes affects the gain a bit weird over several units however, turning down the inputs of the speaker processing would mean you can drive the desk harder which may help as long as you don’t run out of headroom in the mixer.

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    I got my T112 with IDR48 yesterday and played with it for a couple of hour. What i would like in the next version is the ability to link the surface layers by 2 . now you can link them all together.
    This would be handy so i can link the left and midle faders together to create my input faders. first layer 1 to 20 second 21 to 41.

    I think that should be easy to do

    kind regards

    T112, IRD48 proud and very happy

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    I would like to be able to save strip layers separately in the scenes. This seems more logical to me than just banks – e.g. in a festival situation – 1 band per layer.


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    I would like the ability to play Mp3’s off of the USB stick

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    Originally posted by Slammin

    I would like the ability to play Mp3’s off of the USB stick

    That would be nice… Maybe even wave playback?

    ps. Very nice desk!

    iLove T112

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    Yes, playing MP3 via USB Stick would be great!
    Also using a Tapkey would be great.
    Linking two strips on the layers would also be a nice feature.
    And one more:
    I need a pitcher and distortion in the FX!

    And hopefully no crashes anymore – thats my main “wish”…[;)]

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    Did anybody mention a tap key? ;-)
    And while I’m at it, some more tap tracking methods.
    Like 4th, 8th, triplets of that etc. You get the picture I think…

    Christian Tepfer
    Hamburg, Germany

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    Maybe I am missing it, but is there somewhere in the offline editor where I can look to be sure I am editing the correct show? I sometimes recall one show and then find out that’s not really the one I wanted and then open another one and can’t remember which one it was named when I finish editing it. A box at the botton of the “Shows” box indicateing current selected show would be nice.

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    It it possible to create a dmx channel to the stageunit? Using one of the jack-in busses on the desk?


    iLove T112

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    version 1.5 seems to be released ( it is anounced on the website under ‘news’)
    not yet on the downloadpage. Can’t wait to try it out .Some cool new ( and asked for ) features.
    thats the article : (located in news new module RAB2)

    To support the RAB2 module and all the iLive audio interface cards, Allen & Heath has released the latest update, Version 1.5, to the iLive and T Series firmware and Editor software. Many new features to enhance existing software functions are included.

    Dual FOH/monitor control has been improved with the ability to allow independent gain trim for FOH and monitor desks when systems are digitally split between MixRacks using EtherSound or ACE. Similarly, the functionality of the ‘Alt View’ button has been developed to include alternative functions for the channel rotary encoder. This allows settings, such as gain and direct output level, to be quickly adjusted on each control strip.

    Also, iLive’s FX family has been extended with the introduction of the Dynamik FX Shaper, offering Gate and Ducking functions on all 8 FX engines. It is now possible to assign the Tap-Tempo function to any soft key for each of the 8 FX rack modules, including an optional LED display.

    Carey, when will it be available to download ?[:D]

    kind regards



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    Patience Grasshopper, all will be revealed in time.[:D]

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    been playing with the beta version.

    Very cool.

    the Trim on surface/gain on surface function ROCKS>

    you can assign the ALT VIEW button to shift to PREAMP gain control on the surface.

    Makes a quick mic/gain setup FAST…

    Plus there are about 30 new reverb presets, TAP temp delays on the soft keys (yeah!)

    Peak Stop LED meters on the RTA

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