Recording with Digigram LX6464ES.

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    Took me ages to get it working but I finally figured it out. Our set up
    consists of a ilive 144 at FOH linked to a ilive 80 for Broadcasts which is then linked to a computer using a Digigram LX6464ES card.

    IDR10’s ESB out is fed into the IDR0’s ESB in. The IDR0’s ESB out is then fed into the Digigrams IN port.

    The ilive 80 was then configured to be the slave and also the ESB outputs were set to INPUT-DIRECT OUT option.

    I then unplugged the ESB input of the IDR0 so that I could plug in my laptop(into the IDR0’s ESB in)and configure(using ES MONITOR) the Digigram card to be the endloop and also the ins and out to go DOWNSTREAM.
    After configuration, I unplugged my laptop and plugged the ESB out from the IDR10 back into the ESB in of the IDR0.
    You should now see the rx and tx lights both lighting up on the ESB out of the IDR0 now.

    I then selected the LX6464ES as my audio card in Cubase.

    Since I was only using inputs 1 to 32 on the ilive 144, I configured the inputs 33 to 64 to recieve outputs 1 to 32 from Cubase via ESB.

    Now I can listen back to my multitrack recordings on channels 33 to 64
    without changing any cables or doing any extra configuration.

    A&H, you’ve done a great job with this system.[:D]

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    Finally got to do some recordins with the ilive/Digigram combination.
    Got the band to listen to the playback afterwards. We were all just amazed with the quality of audio. Just awesome!!!

    CORRECTION: The system is best configured from the first device in the network which in this case is the IDR10(ESB IN) and not the IDR0 as I originally stated in my first post.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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