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    Hi everyone!
    I just noticed that when I PAFL one of the outputs and brings it’s GEQ to fadermode, I have a full spectrum RTA running in the ledbars above the faders! Really cool and potentionally quite helpful!!

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    Yes, the RTA is displayed across the strip meters while in GEQ on faders mode. Note that the RTA always follows the PAFL selection. This does not have to be the mix whose GEQ you are viewing. You could PAFL an input channel, a different mix, or even a combination of signals if you are in additive PAFL mode.

    Something else useful to know about GEQ on faders mode:

    The master for the mix you have selected is presented on a fader strip to the right of the highest GEQ frequency band. This means you can keep a finger on the level while you are adjusting the GEQ using the faders. This is most important when you are ringing out monitors. You really don’t want those frequencies to take off… likely to affect your take home pay let alone your ears! [:0]

    Now, a useful tip… you can present the channel send instead of the mix master level on that fader while in GEQ on faders mode. This is more useful in ringing out a monitor by adjusting the vocal mic send level rather than the overall aux master level. To do this simply select the blue MIX key on that vocal channel before entering the GEQ on faders mode. The input channel MIX view shows its sends on the aux master faders, and therefore puts the related send level next to the GEQ frequency bands in GEQ on faders mode.

    Hope that makes sense ~~~

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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