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    I have setup like this.

    2 no.of DX-168 (Stage and Instruments)
    1 Dante Card – 1 (Multi-track Recording)
    2 no.of SQ6 (FOH and Monitor mix)

    1) I have two DX-168, one for Stage and choir(12 Mic inputs), one for instruments(14 inputs). both are inter linked, and one is connected to SQ6 (Monitor).
    2) I have two SQ6 mixers for FOH and Monitors. Now, DX-168 is connected to Monitor SQ6 and this has Dante cord for Multi track recording.
    My question is how can I connect SQ6(monitor) to SQ6(FOH)? because i already used SLink port to connect DX-168 input and used IO Port for Dante Card.
    Please give me suggestion.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Joseph,

    To use only one cable between FoH and Monitor consoles I would suggest moving the Dante card (and recording) to the FoH position, then add an SLink card to the Monitor console.
    This way you can use Tie Lines from Monitor to route the DX168’s on stage to FoH.
    You can also return the FoH mix to Monitors and use Tie Lines to route to the main sound system.

    If you need to keep Dante and recording at the Monitor position, you would need to run two cables and connect the DX168’s to the FoH console, then add an SLink card here to run back to Monitors.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank You Keith for the explanation. Got the point.

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    Hmmm, does this mean I could put an S-link card in my SQ5 on stage and using tie lines send the inputs to a GLD at FOH ?

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    No, the GLD can only communicate digitally with the SQ using a 3rd Party prorocol like Dante.

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    @mfk0815 This is actually not true. I tested signal flow earlier as you can read in my earlier post. 😉

    SQ6 to QU-SB (using as Stage Box versus DX168)

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    Even if it is possible at the moment I think it is something like bug using. Please read the comments of Keith in the thread you linked. This is an official statement of one of the representatives of A&H. If it works now it possibly do not after any firmware update in the future.i would not count on that.

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