2 desks one mix rack =monitors

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    What is the cheapest way to run 2 desks for foh and monitors with an ilive 144 a idr48 mix rack and another ilive desk

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    You can’t connect two consoles to one mix rack. If you want two consoles you have to have 2 mix racks. You can connect the consoles via ACE (or Dante or MADI or Ethersound) using the PortB card slot.

    If your show is small enough you can run monitors via a laptop (or use the console for monitors and run FoH from the laptop). To do this double patch all the pre-amps and use the first 32 channels for FoH and the second 32 for Monitors. You have to share the 8 FX engines of course. Doing Monitors on the laptop I find to be rather cumbersome but its doable.


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    You can split to any brand of desk if that desk supports Dante, Madi or Ethersound. I think the best and cheapest way using A&H hardware would be using a GLD with Dante cards for the split. If you want to stay on iLive for both then probably cheapest is an R72 and IDR16 with 2 portB ACE cards for the split. Using Dante cards to split has other advantages of course.

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