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    I am new to digital and my new QU-16 seems to have the complexity of a spaceship where I come from. My question is (the 93 page manual is unclear on a lot of things, including this): if I want to do multi-track recording, will the record and playback function normally with less than 18 tracks recorded. The manual states something vague about needing to create “dummy tracks” and re-name them because the QU “expects” to see 18 tracks.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Bob,

    If you record 6 tracks in Qu-Drive Multitrack mode (for example) and leave the other track unassigned, the Qu will still create 18 tracks in total, but only the 6 tracks will have audio on them.

    All 18 tracks are required at all times for either playback or recording in multitrack mode.


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    the desk sends always 18 streams to the QU-Drive, if they contain valuable data or not

    that means the QU-Drive multitrack functiion records always 18 tracks no matter what U R configured
    it creates empty (zero audio data) multitracks if no data is present

    and the USB B sends 24 tracks to the computer

    for playback the QU-Drive expects the same file structure as it creates on recording
    you have to number your files from 1-18 to get them played by the drive
    and have to create dummy files for the playback to see the correct structure

    find more information on the QU-Drive in this document

    (the 93 page manual is unclear on a lot of things, including this)

    not really, it is very precise
    you can take whats written there
    on the other hand it is not always easyly understandable and the informations are barely explained
    but there is more documentation available to dig deeper…


    hope that helps

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    Thanks Steffen, yes that helps. Ya, I agree, the manual is precise, and I like precision. What is really going on is my lack of experience in this world and the assumptions of knowledge in the reader that may have been made when the manual was being written. I have had several digital multi-effects pedals and they had very mild learning curves, for me, compared to this machine. I am glad I got it but after several hours of pouring over the manual I have yet to be at the point of running a song through it. I guess all of this CoronaVirus down-time from life outside the home is one silver lining. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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