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    I just found a VERY trivial bug in the editor. I haven’t yet tried it on the GLD, but its probably just a bug in the editor.

    If you have a scene name which uses all 14 available characters, and you try to use that as an embedded recall, the scene name displayed under the scene number in the add new embeded recall screen, is corrupted. It seems to lose some of the leading chars and adds one or more chars from the description field.

    As I say, hardly worth bothering about. Just a little surprising when you see it. In the unlikely event that an update is ever produced it might just be worth addressing, but otherwise we can easily live with it.

    In the first test attached, scene 493 has a title of “12345678901234” and the description is “chars”. If the title contains spaces, the result is slightly different. For a title of “123456789 1234” you get the second example with the text split across two lines.
    Nothing to lose sleep over 🙂


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