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    Dave Meadowcroft

    This weekend I seem to have hit a limit (undocumented as far as I can tell) of 100 shows that the SQ (SQ7) can write. I’ve attached a photo I took when trying to save a new show.

    There was plenty of storage space available on the USB device (Samsung T7 1TB SSD, 917GB free) and I was able, reluctantly, to overwrite a previously saved show, so the drive was working perfectly.
    I discovered it was exactly 100 shows stored when examining the stored files/folders the next day.

    The show numbers that are displayed have 4 digits so I was expecting to be able to store thousands of shows if required.

    For context… I’m a resident sound engineer at a live music venue doing around 150 different shows a year so this unexpected limit is problematic! I can work around it of course, but not easily.

    Keith (or anyone else from A&H), can you confirm this limit exists, and if it does – is there a possibility that it could be increased or even removed considering that it’s USB storage so has no impact on the resources of the SQ beyond displaying the show names?

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Sorry, the photo ironically exceeded the maximum file size!
    Hopefully attached now…

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Dave,

    There is indeed a 100 show limit as you have found.
    It’s less to do with the number of shows you can store on the drive (which is obviously far far more) and related to reading all the shows/names then temporarily storing these in the console for navigation.
    In some ways it’s an arbitrary limitation but we needed to choose something to avoid issues or hang-ups if the SQ were trying to see hundreds or thousands of shows/scenes/libraries.

    I realise it doesn’t help with the loss of a show and I’m sorry that was the only option for you here, but the workaround would be multiple drives (stick drives are inexpensive and generally fine for data and stereo recording) or using a computer for management. Note that the SQ will only read the shows in the show folder, so it would be fine to pull out shows and put them in another folder in the root of the drive.

    As far as I’m aware, this is the first time that anybody has found the current limitation an issue, but I’ve noted it as something to consider changing in the future (We’d mainly need to check that using up a little more memory for this wouldn’t impact other things).
    I’ll also add a note to the reference guide.


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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Thanks for the confirmation Keith.

    I’ve written a quick bit of code to copy or move selected show folders & files on a removable drive to/from local folders on my computer – naming locally with the actual show name (from SHOW.DAT) plus date/time and reindexing on the removable when adding or moving. It could prove to be a useful archive tool actually as I can now maintain multiple versions of a show (such as when deps are on them) much easier.

    It would still be better to have a higher limit though, so thanks for giving it some consideration.

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    Same Problem here. I‘m also working as a local Tech with more than 100 different Artists/Shows a Year.
    This limitation combined with a number.dat instead of the filename makes it really hard to work with.
    So I would really appreciate a higher limit….working with multiple usb drives would demand a kind of list/database to always know where i can find the file I‘m looking for.

    Btw:Did I miss sth. or is there really no option on the SQ to delete a showfile on the Stick? This would also make file management much more easy.


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