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    What I”m trying to say, is that to be able to use Mix5-6 Stereo physical output, the outcome cannot be 2 channels with different processing; same PEQ, same gate, same comp. Just like when you link 2 channels.

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    Dick Rees

    What Iā€m trying to say, is that to be able to use Mix5-6 Stereo physical output, the outcome cannot be 2 channels with different processing; same PEQ, same gate, same comp. Just like when you link 2 channels.


    But if you’re fudging two mixes by utilizing hard panning (I know…unlikely scenario) you have the individual channel processing which CAN be different.

    Nit- picking, I know, but there is more than one scenario.

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    I appreciate that the EQ etc may well have to remain linked, and that’s OK – but having the combination of pan/level controlled by the board would provide an additional 3 mixes which could be useful.

    It’s a case of using the board to decide what level/pan to use for each combination of “desired levels” between the two mixes.

    The inverse (running as 5 stereo mixes) *should* be easy enough, and in various broadcast style scenarios is probably more useful than the mono outputs.

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    Apologies if I’ve missed it. But has anybody yet suggested how we’d select these extra mixes & indicate which one has been selected?

    I’ve sat and looked at the desk for a long time, and thought about double taps, cycling through each pair, pressing two keys together & some other stuff. All of these make the desk more complicated to use.

    Selecting directly via the soft keys, would use up too many (on the 16 at least).

    So, I’ve ended up thinking that a soft key as a “shift” button could work. Probably should latch on the whole time that mix is selected (and flash) so that one handed operation is possible.

    Does that make sense?

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    I suggested:
    – the first press on the mix would do the “odd” mix, with the light on
    – next selects the “even” mix, light flashing
    – next goes back to LR as usual

    It might be better to do “long flash” for odd and short flash for even…

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    I think the biggest shortcoming of the QU32 and maybe 24 is not putting more mix outs or not making all of what is there mono outs. I would much rather have that than more softkeys or maybe even matrices and DCAs.

    Even low end competitors have more. It is hard to please everyone and all have their particular want.

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    Yes I agree.
    However It is early days for the QU24 and QU32.
    Maybe A&H will be able to make a sectable patch for people like myself that want more outs in monitor mode?
    I don’t know.
    However this is what I’ll be using for an awful amount of large bands over 4 nights next week.
    Maybe I can talk the distributor here into show casing the ME1s’
    Thanks for all feedback.

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    10 mono mix , it would be great because the ME- 1 cost a lot , even cheaper tables have a number over aux mix , mix 7 really is absurd little to the expectation of QU 24 and 32, less than 01v. Please Allen & Heath, analising this question in next firmware… THANKS Peter Bayer – Banda VP2

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    wow … old post?
    We just used the desk as mono outs even the stereo outs as mono just using one side of each pair.
    Used the left and right bus as side fills to the stage.
    I still think *AS A MONITOR DESK* with given software you could use the subgroups as outputs however you cant in its present form as these are relative to the L/R bus, and don’t move as sub-group faders.
    I doubt very much this would be implemented.
    Its a minority in the grand scheme of marketing with the new dLive arriving soon.
    They want you to buy some ME1’s šŸ™‚

    Of course if you are looking at this from the FOH perspective, you do have the matrix’s as sends?
    However I found using matrix’s live, was slow to get into those tabs to adjust. (too many clicks!) Thats on the desk.. maybe the iPad would have been better?
    Maybe an assignable soft key function would be good there?

    The QU32 is a great desk!
    However it is what it is at that price point.

    food for thought.

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    10 mono mix and 4fx mix is great.
    I’m out of free auxes. Panning stereo mixes is awful. Double tap mix button is much easyer.

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    I know this is old, but does anyone know if this is an actual DSP limitation? Can’t A&H add this functionality via a future firmware update?

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    Assuming that we are happy to have the EQ etc shared then it shouldn’t be a DSP limit (might need master volume to be linked as well?)

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    Would this work?
    Assign whichever channels to Grp 1&2 creating a mix. Pan Grp 1&2 hard Left and assign to Mix 5&6. This effectively gets sent mono out of the left side of Mix 5&6.

    Create another mix using Grp 3&4 and pan hard Right. Assign to Mix 5&6 and this will be sent out of Mix 6 (the right side of Mix 5&6)

    Grp 1&2>Mix 5
    Grp 3&4>Mix 6
    Grp 5&6>Mix 7
    Grp 7&8>Mix 8
    Matrix 1&2>Mix 9
    Matrix 3&4>Mix 10

    I’m going to try this later today unless someone first explains why this wouldn’t work…cheers!

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    @phillygtr already discussed here: Qu 10 mono monitor mixes

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