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    Using a SQ6.

    5 mics go to a group. MainLR and that group go to a matrix that feeds my streaming computer. Thar is working fine.

    Once in a while, I use one of my inputs to mic a cajon. The cajon is pretty much heard acoustically in the house, but needs a little help. My dilemma is that it is not heard in the stream. If I push the output, it overwhelms the house. Is there a way to split that input to 2 channels that can be independently adjusted?

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    We use a aux to run to our streaming computer. You then have full control of all the inputs to the stream

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    Søren Steinmetz

    Just patch the Cajon’s mic input on two channels in the I/O routing.

    Then un-assign the streaming channel from the mail and send it to an unused Aux or group, and send that to the streaming matrix.

    Better might be to make a dedicated streaming AUX, that will give you independend level control of all inputs fir the stream.

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    Rob T

    Dedicated aux mix for the streaming feed is the “correct” answer here, although I’ll often set up record feeds on a matrix that combines the house mix with the aux mix, so that I can add the handful of channels that aren’t in the house without having to build a complete separate mix. An alternative way of doing this is to just use an aux mix, with most channels set to post-fade, but the primarily acoustic channels set to pre-fade.

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    Mike C

    For a single sound operator / mixer setting up a post fade / post processing aux
    is the easiest somewhat set and forget option.

    Start out with the channel aux send levels all set the same a little below unity, go the spoken word only inputs and bump them up higher, go to other channels that are low in the
    live stream mix and bring up their aux send level that feed the live stream.
    If you can, put on some good isolation headphones, PFL the live stream aux and see what
    the balance sounds like or if you can go give the live stream a listen in another room
    to see what it sounds like.

    Once you make a few mix adjustments and if the band stays the same being post fade the live stream mix will follow the main and track along with the send level changes you made at the aux sends.

    If your mixer is on a wireless network and you have someone to do it they could use the SQ 4 You app and mix the live stream live while watching and listening to it in another
    room, there will be some delay though to deal with on the live stream and making mix adjustments.

    Also apply some moderate compression to the live stream aux and remember most people
    will be listening to the live stream on a phone or laptop.

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