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    It’s always nice to see regular updates coming out. A couple questions from the release notes:

    Improvements to system responsiveness and management of network traffic.

    From following posts here, this is probably related to Neakmeter’s issues with a lot of control surfaces directly impacting scene recall. Are there any “lessons learned” or “best practices” you can share about what was learned?
    – iPads are very slow to respond and he moved to hardwire, any improvement here?
    – Scene recall times are very much impacted by how much is in scope for the filter – even if nothing changes – any improvement?

    ID3959 The Pan mode for 5.1 routing could reset after restarting the system.

    I have observed (and submitted a bug) from playing with 5.1 that from a cold start LCR channels would act like LR until the pan was touched, then it switch to LCR. Is this related?

    ID3954, 3951, 3943 Fixes to Virtual SoundCheck mode.

    Can you please elaborate?

    Finally, the “Firmware Reference Guide” (https://www.allen-heath.com/media/dLive-Firmware-Reference-Guide-V1.10.pdf) – is there an updated version for anything past 1.10?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Jay,

    Yes, Neakmenter’s issues prompted us to investigate network bandwidth across the system. We posted the bandwidth requirements per node in this KB article.
    The slow response of multiple iPads on wi-fi is likely caused by limited bandwidth on the wi-fi router or access point. We found that access point throughput is severely affected by range (we observed a tri band 802.11ac with 200Mbit/s drop to 1.5Mbit/s at 40ft distance, line of sight). As the article above points out, additional access points can help by sharing the total bandwidth requirement. This would explain why a wired connection was preferred by Neakmenter, however I should point out that Apple does NOT officially support wired Ethernet on iOS to the best of our knowledge.
    Wi-Fi performance aside, V1.41 improves data transfer throughout the system and in internal tests we found it to be significantly quicker than V1.40. We are waiting to hear back from Neakmenter on his setup.

    Re: ID3959 – I cannot reproduce this behaviour in V1.41 so yes, I suspect it was related.

    Re: Virtual Soundcheck
    ID3954, ID3951 and ID3943 are all related to an incorrect audio out patch whilst in Record Send mode, under certain circumstances.

    Finally, the Firmware Reference Guide was updated for each major firmware release. You can find the latest version here. Before you say anything, yes we need to tidy up the navigation of the dLive section and documentation!

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    Thank you for the detail.

    450KB (meters) + 450KB (burst, control) seems quite high, just as a comment.

    A request and observation on the reference guide:
    – Please add a “Changes” section so we can identify what changes release-to-release.
    – They released it as a docx file instead of a pdf.

    Have a great weekend,


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    Hi Jay and Nicola,

    I’ve done some 3 days or so of testing with my setup here in various configurations.

    10 iPad4, 3 copies of director (2 on mac, 1 on pc)

    The Director copies on mac are connected via the dante card in the mixrack (through the network link port)
    64 channels bi directional in use on Dante.

    I’ve tried this on wireless (with apple airport express router) and it all works great –
    Immediate scene recalls and fully responsive OneMix’s and Directors! Yes!

    Also tried the iPads wired through my NETGEAR 24port switch (unmanaged)
    Still immediate scene recalls and fully responsive onemix and directors.

    THANKS A&H for a very effective fix! I don’t know what you did to the net code on the surface or mixrack, but it all seems to be working great now!

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    BTW – https://www.allen-heath.com/media/dLive-Firmware-Reference-Guide-V1.4.pdf

    is not 1.41 but effectively the same. I just retyped the URL as 1.4 from the official 1.10 link… 😉

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