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I think the confusion stems from this question being posted on the GLD discussion forum. Most thread participants seem interested in the feature for the QU series.

Just to affirm what has already been said:

GLD = Yes, you can route a single socket to multiple preamps. This is found in the preamp setup window and is very helpful for separating FOH and IEM/wedge settings. Note: you give up one of your 44 preamps to do this (similar to an analog patch). This works great if you have an ar2412 and ar84. The 8 unused preamps from the second ar84 expander can be used for duplicate channels.

QU = No, routing is 1 socket-to-1 preamp, 2-to-2 etc. You can create a custom fader arrangement on the Custom Layer, but each preamp/socket assignment is fixed.

Best of luck with your setup. Hope this is helpful.