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davyd here from NZ. AN update? Yes with subgroups…..
and also a digital split ?
I can not see why the AR24 couldnt be used for a digital split into another QU16?
I have a large event coming up where I would normally use 2X GL2800’s 40 channel split for monitor & FOH… I have already got 2 QU16. Brilliant small. One of Gods little gems I personally think. Been waiting a long time for simplicity like this. Question. I am wanting to digitally split at stage. I notice you can plug in a ME1 into the AR24 stage box
Also can plug in an MU Ethernet hub? Is there any way to get a digital split from the AR24? If I plug the ME output port into an QU16 will the QU16 ”see” the split? I am good friends with the Jansen Team in NZ however they are on holiday.. I didnt go the iLive way…Been Heavily involved in large analogue setups, and do use use a GSR24 of which I developed my own Reaper Templates etc.. Hope you can help. I would dearly like to be able to use multiple of these QU16’s cheers. 3 for FOH (32 surface channels) just patched via analogue into center unit and 2 QU16’s for foldback. Dose this make sense to you? From davyd hodge