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I got a 1TB Backup Plus, and I find it takes a seemingly very long time for it to read, to format, and to save to a 1 TB drive. Few sessions are larger than 30 – 50 gigs anyway, and the 500s are no longer available. So, I have an old 60G Seagate Momentus that is in a simple YSB case, and it works fine, if a little small, only one show at a time on it. I have a 320G Apple/Hitachi out of my laptop that works fine is a $14 Rosewill case, and my best option is I bought a 250G Seagate and put it in a case that has USB2 and Firewire 800, so I get speedier downloads to my Mac.

The peculiar thing about this drive is it works perfectly on USB power (I recorded it full to 8 hours overnight as a test) but if I plug in a 5V power supply, the drive is not recognized! No problem, as that means I don’t need to carry a PS for it, but it is strange.

Anyway I now have three drives for various gigs…