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I have the Seagate Expansion Portable USB power 1TB drive and it is not really working out with the QU.. I did record a show with it and even though it took AGES — like over 60 secs for the drive to mount- it did work
But then QU just stopped recognising it.. When checked it out with the DiskUtils om my mac it was saying that the FAT32 had boot sector issues.. so I can’t trust it with my QU and its back to square 1.

I will say this– I don’t think the USB power on (my) QU is all that good. I say this because I have a FAT32 formatted portable drive in an enclosure that I use to swap data around. It needs a bit of juice — on some machines it powers fine, on others it struggles but works and on some machines it will only run if I use a cable that takes extra power by using 2 USB ports on the machine. My QU gets nowhere near powering this up on a single USB.

Thanks- I will check out some of the drives listed above.