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Hi Nicola, and thanks for your response.

So, are you saying that there is no reason to deactivate all the settings in the “OneMix” user setting on the GLD then?

Regarding logging in from the musicians iPad:
After I do that (use their iPad to log on as an admin) to set up their respective aux, they will still have the possibility of logging in as an admin to the GLD, because the login information is kept in the iPad… Or am I missing something? At least that’s how I’ve seen the iPads work until now, and that’s a little worrying 🙂

Og course I can change the password for the “Admin” user on the mixer on every gig, but who does that..? Personally i don’t even use a password for the “Admin”, because I am the only one using the mixer. But my WiFi is encrypted, of course.

A video of the setup procedure (or a manual describing it in detail) I think would be highly appreciated.

PS: Since you are a member of the A&H-team; Any hope for my other requests in a future firmware update? 🙂