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Ahh… Thanks for your help.

1. First off i changed one of the users name to “OneMix”, so that i have the permissions set. I disabled everything in there, so hopefully they will now only have access to the mix and master for their respective Aux-mix. Set a password for this.

2. This is where i feel A&H has gone wrong, again compared to the Presonus. When logging on as “Admin” on the musicians iPad, they will still have the possibility to log in as “Admin” at a later time, and screw up my mix because the iPad will remember the login details, right? Not good 🙂

And: setting it up this way is a hassle. On the Presonus they can just log their iPads on to your network, then they will come up in the “setup” where you easily can give each iPad/iPhone permission to ex aux 5, aux 6, and so on. It only takes a few seconds…

3. For my use (working with a lot of different bands) it was more the thought on having all these users (and not enough user profiles on the desk) that struck me as worrying. But as you say: This is a major problem.

Thanks again. I am in the process of reconfiguring my mixer due to a possible corrupt showfile made on my previous one, which by the way was found to be beyond repair, so you made my programming and first meet with the musicians thursday a little easier! 🙂

I still hope the A&H crew in the future will give us more than 2 seconds delay on the internal FX, a couple of multiband compressors, a “home”-button (function) that clears all PAFL, SEL and MIX settings, and last but not least: the possibility of the screen going directly to the PEQ function when adjusting one of the EQ-buttons, and likewise for comp, gate, preamp and HPF. Then I would be a happy camper! Do you read this, Allen & Heath? 🙂