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Yes, this needs a lot of work and is not intuitive. I would say it is probably not workable if you have to set up a bunch of users at once. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. You only need one user profile on the Gld for ALL OneMix users. This is simply to prevent someone else from logging in and screwing things up. For example I have one user “OneMix” with a simple but not obvious password. All my OneMix users log in with that profile.

2. To set up OneMix for the user you have to log in -on their iPad- as Admin and then set up the iPad with the aux and faders you want them to have. Then log out and have them log in as the OneMix user and they will have the setup you gave them.

3. There is currently no way to have multiple different OneMix setups on one iPad or to set up many iPads ahead of time. This is a major problem.