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You can use the Audio Setup / Output Patch screen to patch up to three stereo FX returns to USB B outputs 17-18, 19-20 and 21-22 (provided you are not recording stereo channels) then record these into stereo tracks in Pro Tools. However for multitrack playback you cannot return USB audio to the FX return channels. I’d suggest routing the FX tracks from Pro Tools to the Stereo Input channels on Qu-16, for example 17-18 for ST1.


I am unsure if all 3 effects that we are using should all go to ST3?

No, the effects can go to the dedicated stereo FX returns. To record these see my answer to Brosco above.

Inputs Ch 1-16 mono

You will need to set up some stereo tracks too if you wish to record the FX returns and / or a stereo channel or mix.

Outputs Not sure what these need to be set to? I am thinking that they need to be set to ch. 21/22 which is ST3?

It depends on what you are trying to do. To return the Pro Tools master mix to the Qu-16 for monitoring, route the PT master bus to a stereo channel on Qu-16, for example 21/22 for ST3 as you say. To play back each track individually to a channel for ‘virtual soundcheck’ applications, route each track back to the corresponding source, for example 1 for Mono Input 1.

I guess the other thing I am thinking of here is should the effect be inserted in to the individual channels?

Not really. You can insert FX into channels, but the FX will not be recorded as the signal sent to USB is taken from the Insert send point.

Hope this helps.