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Nicola is nicely reiterating Allen & Heath’s policy of continually improving and updating their product at no charge, one of the reasons I have stuck with this brand. He is addressing ONLY possibly adding signal tap points (always a nice feature) in the future, and I agree with his comment about recording workflow preferences as being legitimate.

What I’m addressing is posters who don’t know standard multitrack recording basics, who bought a desk not knowing whether it could do what they find critical to their endeavor, who seem to not know the routing capabilities of the desk, haven’t figured out that you will not get 18 discrete fx signals without 18 channels of fx processing, and posit that the xyz mixer can… If someone is insulted by a recommendation of some needed basic schooling, not my problem. There is a great wealth of knowledge and experience in followers of this forum, but I doubt very many will respond to threads such as this.

If one’s creativity requires specific gear, BUY THAT GEAR. Read the fine manual. It’s no sin to say “I don’t know”.

Tim Tyler, the nice me…