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Hey guys I don’t use a lot of compression on my tracks just on occasion but I do use some sort of eq just about always going into my DAW. All of you seemed to have focused on the compression. Eq is far more important to me. I use the Qu-16 for live shows, recording those live shows as well as wanting the Qu-16 for drum tracking, especially along with monitoring, in my studio. I know how I generally want my kik drum to sound and I can get it really close to what I am looking for with some eq. I assumed this mixer would allow especially eq if I desired. My first tech support person I got from Allen & Heath in an email showed me the steps of how to select post delay setting….till I told him that is what I was I was doing with no result. Then he told me it wasn’t possible. To me the feature of having the ability to have post eq especially, is important.. I recognize that it my not be important for you the same way that many of you are recommending features the this mixer that I probably wouldn’t use regularly. I think my request or maybe even expectation, is still valid.