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I recently managed to get hold of a Yamaha 01V96i for my little private studio. Such a great console! But I must say, I would have a hard time using it live on stage. First of all, it doesn’t replace the side rack, it has no graphic EQs, no analyzer and you can’t even assign the delay tap to the custom buttons. Plus, its user interface is outdated. I think you can’t use it that quickly in live situations as you should. Well, for “home use” it’s close to perfect.

With the Qu16, you’re so much ahead of this for live performances. If only there was support for Windows.

More radically, you could publish the specs of the USB protocol you’re using. This would enable Linux nerds to write a driver. For the 01V96i, there’s no driver yet, but at least some code that allows to raw dump audio streams from the console to hard disk, so it’s probably gonna be there soon.

To emphasize this again: If there was Windows support, I’d really try to get my band into purchasing a Qu16. As it is now, we’re still waiting, watching out for alternatives.

So if A&H isn’t a software company, why don’t you just pay a software company to write a Windows driver? And concerning Linux, making the specifications open is probably all you need to do.

Another thing that bothers me is that there are no easy footswitch options in the Qu16 (there is a separate thread on this).

But to not only blame you A&H guys: I’m going to use a ZED-10FX later tonight. I love it! 🙂