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As a new dealer it very much concerns me. I have asked through my network about many things with not much in the way of answers. I have a very few responses on this forum from anyone official and criticized from them because I mentioned a request on more than one thread.

I am perplexed why there is such a lack of attention to questions if nothing more than offer SOME response. Not between the old forum and the new in all 4 forums over an almost 3 month period now have I seen a factory response to a request item. Maybe. But I can’t remember any.

I have used forums for years. Probably since the inception of the concept. I know that as I, a lot of people use them not only after a purchase but as a decision factor in a future purchase. This could affect a lot sales. For A&H AND me!!

George Cumbee
Mid-America Communications A/V
Paducah, KY. USA.