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Gosh I thought my windows days were over after learning MAC for 3 years!
But here I am trying to get Reaper working with QU YEH!
It works a treat. 16 channel multitrack play but with a mic also added from desk to record to a track although terrible latency, however its a start!
I have the audio coming back into 21-21 for returns to ST3 for mixing in the box.
Otherwise it returns fine with no issues for “audio”

However a few issues…
It seems any media players winamp VLC etc only return to channels 1 & 2
There is no mapping like the A&H Dice software?
Are we supposed to install any other software for that?
I seem to remember software that you could map this out?
Think it was for the ZedR16 and GSR24M?

And also is there no Midi control change data yet?

Any ideas please let me know


dave NZ