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I’m using a mac but I suspect your “issue” is on the QU set side not the DAW..
This is better explained in the user guide (make sure you have the latest downloaded from A&H site though).
But here is what I do.. lets keep it simple and do LR main mix output playback

>> Turn on QU then DAW and make sure that DAW can see the QU. If DAW can see the QU it should be able to see 22 outputs– 16 ch + the 3 stereo ST1..3.
>> I map the LR main output in my DAW to send to hardware CH 23/24 on the QU. Note the channel USB inputs in the QU seem hard mapped so 21/22 infact corresponds to ST3 on the QU
>> Go to QU and select ST3. Press Processing button.. select the channel.. select FN and make sure that Global USB source is USB B Streaming and that ST3 source is USB B.
>> Hit play in your DAW you should see signal on ST3 🙂

Hope this helps.