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about 4 Million kiwis. :+)
We are so far away from your mainland that we have to reinvent the wheel all of the time! also our night time is your day time. :+)

Yes sometimes things are best just kept really simple.
I carry around a disc-man with a few discs, just in case…. & in the case as well. Hopefully I never have to get it out.

So I take it there are no Templates for QU & windows? YET?
The Mac thing of course “just works”
I spent the best part of a day (experimenting) mapping QU faders to Reaper (ITB) faders.
I noticed most knobs excluding the superstrip FX & mix button’s seem to send midi data which can be mapped to the likes of actions in Reaper. (although the desk lights per channel do not light up)
However it seems slightly quicker than MAC

I couldn’t post the template up on here.
Its not permitted, so if anyone wants to know how to do this let me know.

dave NZ