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Hi Dave
Thanks man.
Yeh you are right.

I’m running my intermission music from Foobar2000 playlists on my laptop because it is really easy– saves me burning CDS or making sticks up for QU drive and although I can go out of my laptop headphone port into ST3 I would prefer not to because my laptop headphone amp is such poor quality that I can hear the dynamics squished when played back on my PA.

I would much rather address the QU ASIO driver directly from Foobar over USB B. For example RME have made it possible that Foobar can playback on any of the 16 channels of my RME Hammerfall gear when I’m using that .. and by same token I can see all the channels of the QU from my Reaper DAW so why not from Foobar or Windows Media Player? Why only CH1 and CH2 fixed? Make them ST3 and I’d be happy.

Show stopper? Nope. Of course not. Nice to have? Would be I think..
I will add to the Feature Suggestions area.