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Hello Andy
I have just spent a wee bit of time on QU16 with Win 7 and Reaper.
Ive managed to sus out how to use the QU as a DAW with movable faders and Solo, mute and track select..
Little bit of trial and error stuff. just takes time.
I did the channel mapping thingy.

For playback of your 2 track audio , you could put some music onto tracks 21-21 which returns back into ST3.
That works I just tried that.
However you have to really think about whether you are wanting to use streaming or QU drive etc…
Think it would be easier to just use a separate manual device in a live situation returning to the small ST3 jack.

I’m really please this works well.
It’s not up to the Mac specs yet where the desk lights toggle off and on however its pretty damn good from where I have come from.

dave NZ

So I’m sure A & H will be working on this whole scenario.