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Thanks to Ron for starting this thread.

A UPS is essential on any computer. In the case of our Qu16’s it is absolutely crazy to not have one, given the possible consequences of not having one as previously stated by others.

I agree with the reasons in this thread about the virtues of a UPS. My biggest concern is a very short duration event (power failure) … 500ms to a few seconds. If the power goes down as stays down throughout the house it’s an entirely different problem. The need is for capacity to get through a very short dropout or enough to save and perform a clean shutdown, so a couple of minutes? How long does the OS take to close the file being written to the USB drive?

What I can offer feedback on is using a common APC ES-350 UPS: It introduced a low level buzz into the system. I had to remove it to get back to a quiet system. I am guessing it was the charging system in the UPS. Anyone have any experience modifying the charging system of one of these cheap UPS’s to be able to turn it off during the gig? Without the buzz it would probably fulfill the minimum requirement for short duration backup.

Which brings me to the question: What are the low cost lightweight options that are quiet?