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Hello Ron
I was doing this show with 3 of the QU’s
It was a wet weekend
Outside in marquees… drizzle YUK
My best steamroller crew guy… older wiser guy that was staying on site decided to dry his damp socks on a fan heater that he plugged into the distro that fed the main marquee whilst the main show was running off a generator.
Of course it all went down in a flash! @#$%^& but he quickly unplugged it when the monitor op yelled at him “what the F…@#$%^& are you doing!?”
The power came back on in a flash and we all continued…
The QUs’ (multiples) died at FOH but all resumed, and I carried on as if nothing had happened?
I hadn’t thought about using UPS until then
I was always an analog type guy…
So, I don’t think I will use a UPS.
Just more stuff to lug around. Unless the budget permits otherwise.
I’m at the point (where I believed) that the digital scenario is all meant to make it easier with less gear?
Just always keep saving the show (or desk) to memory

So with that in mind… if you save the desks settings and you kill the power, does the desk keep that in memory?

I haven’t tried that ghastly deed of testing that kind of function on the QU’s
That’s just not in my being.
Like someone turning off an older PC at the wall when they go to bed at night, rather than powering down! argh!!! It hurts to think about it
If anyone can help out there if the QU’s retain memory settings, I would be great full!

dave NZ