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Finally got it fixed.

It was Audinate’s own inability to see its own chip set that was the issue. With Allen & Heath’s help I had to force-download an intermediate version of software then let Audinate Software Updater take it automatically to the final version as it was supposed to. I do still have a problem where my MacBook Pro’s name is not recognized consistently. The name of my laptop intermittently comes up correct (Johns MacBook) or incorrect (New-host). Either way it does pass audio bidirectionally but the instability of the laptop name concerns me.

One note about Audinate’s poor service. They are quick to tell me to contact Allen Heath even though it was entirely their issue. Without even hearing my symptoms or attempting a repair I was told “call Allen & Heath”. Problem was Audinate’s client software and their Brooklyn chipset. It was Allen & Heath who ultimately helped me. A&H had the right to say “call Audinate”. But the service person at A&H stuck with me and solved my issue.

I would like to recommend A&H make it easier to find the correct software on their site. Make it easily searchable please.

A&H Yeah!
Audinate booo….