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Yes George, I agree.
Is this the beginning of a new level of interchange-ability between brands.
A new “common ground” where one can mix-n-match this and that?
In previous years (analogue) you could plug this into that or adapt.

That’s not entirely possible with digital and I have been reading all week about Dante etc.. before making major purchases for my coming summer.
I’ll have to think very carefully!
And still waiting for that QU32 before making any decisions.

DPdan, Tom and others would like multiple iPads.
I do agree and see “a” place for this in certain circumstances.
However I have run monitors (14) for massive shows where the likes of 6x 4K amps are pumping to the max on stage and… the slip of a finger on an iPad would have been disastrous!
There would need to be an over-riding governing system here for multiple iPads

dave NZ