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to me, limiting the QU mixers to just one i-device is really a shame since Mackie’s DL1608 can do this and not break a sweat.

I love the Allen & Heath company for so many reasons, but I refuse to believe that this drawback is because of sales marketing towards ME-1 controllers. I believe A&H has the know-how to make this happen, but am convinced that the only reason it is still not available is because it was not as high on the priority list of things to address with the release of the version 1.5 update.

Surely A&H would not limit us to one i-device because they thought that people who can ONLY afford a QU mixer would buy five or more ME-1s.

Of course there will be posters in this topic after me saying that multiple iPad use is childish or not needed because they want to control everything. Leaving the control of wedge monitors that can easily feedback to musicians who know nothing about little mixers or lots of knobs with menus should not be allowed to control them, howoever, many groups use in-ear monitoring and would like to modify their mix as the show or even song progresses.

It is nice to have only a few musicians using a wedge monitor asking for a few tweaks during the show instead of everyone.
I know… that’s what a soundcheck is for. Let us not go there 🙂