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Hey Mamerica,
It still passed a signal and I was able to use any of the FX on the mixer using the FX send and return faders.
As I said, it got patched in when I was desperately hunting for my lost FX. I returned to a pre update saved scene and my FX came back. The insert light was on in the channel but was making no difference to the output as far as I could tell.
TBH I haven’t really got my head around using the insert method.
I’ve inserted comps and fx units on analogue mixers over the years and I understand that methodology no problem.
I just don’t see a use for it on the QU.
Send on faders is so handy, why do I need elaborate routing to achieve the same result?
I can guess that inserting the FX will achieve a different result as it’s at a different stage of the channel chain? I haven’t really thought about it that much but the option to return to “FX” rather than “Channel” or “insert” seems a straightforward choice.
I haven’t had the mixer long so maybe the eureka moment that insert becomes useful will hit me at some stage!
If you know of any situations where it’s necessary, please let me know!