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Ah, it does seem that the GLD might be doing something slightly odd with the command. I’ve attached what I get from an iLive which is only seen as one SysEx entry by Midi Monitor. I’ve also noted that the iLive software reformats the string when entered to be, for example, F0,F7,00,02,10,01,F7 i.e. it adds the commas. I don’t have a GLD to try it on myself but it may be worth trying. One random thing to try is to change the Device ID to 1 in QLab and the Go string to F0 F7 01 02 10 01 F7. This is just a wild idea based on a fault with another device I’ve seen before.

Failing this I suspect there may be an issue with the GLD and how it sends custom midi strings, best raise it with A&H support.


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