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I’m so close, but I’m still stuck.

I am sending “F0 00 00 1A 50 11 01 00 00 03 20 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 F7” to the mixer. It should change the name on Channel Strip one to “ABCDEFG”.

After sending the message, my sendRequest.completionProc fires and appears okay. The sendRequest.complete flag is set to true. It also shows up in a utility that I use to monitor events (MIDI Monitor) as:
21:47:52.229 To Channel 26 In SysEx Allen & Heath $13 bytes

When I look at the actual data (from within the monitor app), it is identical to the data sent when I change it on the mixer or the QuPad with the exception of one byte. That is expected because the command is 02 or 03 depending on whether it is being sent or received.

One curios thing is that the utility is reporting it on MIDI Channel 26. I am sending it on channel 1 (00). I read that some devices send and recieve SysEx messages on a separate channel than Note On/Off commands. I’m just assuming it is the same since it is not mentioned in the published spec.

All of my other functions work. I can change any parameter on the mixer but without being able to change the name, the whole idea of an offline editor seems like a waste.

Any information that anyone can give me would be truly appreciated. Like I said, I’m stuck and I’ve been stuck for two days.

BTW, nice job on the MIDI Doc. It had everything I needed to write my controller.