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The QU16 is a small desk, which I bought to use it for smaller events, when I don’t want to carry my iLive. Groups or DCA’s were nice to have, but I can live without them. If I really need them, I use the bigger system.

What I miss, are one or two matrix outputs, to send signals to delayed speakers. Maybe the following could work and could be done easyly with a minor software update:

It is now possible to route a mono mix of both master channels to the alternate outputs. If it’s possible to add a independent volume control and a delay to each of the alternate output channels, we get two outputs for two mono delay lines, which follow the master fader. The controls only have to be at the touch screen, because if they are set, most of the time there will be no need to change the settings.

I think that could be an easy solution and would make the desk very useful for smaller corporate events.

Greetings from Austria,