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Hi all, Thanks for your input and thought on this and yes I agree some input from A&H in the form of some helpful technical product suggestions and a little WiFi research would help a lot of us make informed purchasing decisions.

I have been doing a bit of my own research into suitable WiFi products too; I have a fair bit of RF technical awareness and know that a collection of mobile devices all trying to connect to a visible WiFi AP can potentially overload the onborad system of typical domestic WiFi access points etc, So I always hide the devices SSID And incorporate other tweaks like setting the security to allow connections to known MAC (hardware) address only.

A few people have recommended the Stage Router by NowSonic, see
I could be very interested in this device for larger venues; but in smaller venues like bars/pubs often space is lacking and a smaller plastic Access point that I can tape/cable-tie to a nearby vertical surface or sit on a narrow ledge is my only easy option; I’m currently trying to find out if I can add external antennas to NowSonic device, so it is also a contender.
In the past I’ve also used supposedly pro-grade APs from Zyxel and some higher end domestic Tp-Link products And I always seem to find that within just a couple of years the WiFi signal becomes intermittent even in areas with little other RF activity like our workshop or a in my own home. So I’d really like to own a couple of APs that are considered robust etc. .. I’m very tempted to try some of the suggested Apple products; I used to like Linksys products but I don’t hear much about their range these days.