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I like the EMT 250 reverb and 2 Tap delay. Feel those work best on most things. You might just want two reverbs if delay not need. Medium or long and a short.

As a longtime pro studio owner I have owned some of the best verbs made including 480Ls, real plates etc. I once said I bought about every new reverb that came out. About broke me.

One thing I did notice on the EMT was it sounded a bit different than on the GLD. Had a little more short reflection pops when you say popped your tongue on the mic or made a clicking sound. Not as smooth of a decay profile. I went into the extra advanced settings. I think it is the diffusion setting. Not having console handy to check I think it defaults at 12 and I raised it to 20 and that problem went away. Decay was smoother. A few tweaks on the HF and LF and it sounds very good. AH did a great job on the verbs on these products.