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Nicola A&H

Hi Mark,

You can store Library presets of a single processing block or a whole channel (these are accessible from the channel processing overview screen) for later recall.

Re: recalling on multiple channels at once, you could create partial scenes (by editing them) that recall say ch. 1-10 settings only. To do this, select an empty scene, touch Edit, select Input Channel Processing, touch Add and Ok when prompted. Now on top of the right hand window select Channel View, then select all channels you don’t need (e.g. 11-64) and touch Remove. Close the window. Update this scene (don’t use Store All) with Joel’s settings. Then copy and paste into a new scene location and Update with Donny’s settings. Now every time you recall one of these scenes, you will effectively be recalling all processing parameters for channel 1-10.

Hope this helps